Reportagem de João Araujo, do Grupo Buritipar para Newsweek

Buritipar Group Brazil's mining innovator meets growing global demand Buoyed by a global re-opening that has seen demand for its exports soar, the Brazilian economy is rebounding better than expected. The Central Bank of Brazil recently revised its GDP growth outlook for 2021 to 4.6%, from 3.6% earlier in the year, citing successful government support to preserve jobs, strong stimulus spending, and perhaps most importantly, soaring global commodities prices as key factors underpinning its more optimistic outlook. ENVIRONMENTAL, SOCIAL AND GOVERNANCE PRINCIPLES UNDERPIN ALL OF THE GROUP'S OPERATIONS, AND ESG ACTIVITIES HAVE PLAYED AN INCREASINGLY IMPORTANT ROLE IN BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT, WITH ARAÜJO UNDERTAKING A UNIQUE DIVERSIFICATION STRATEGY IN AN EFFORT TO SUPPORT SUSTAINABLE PRACTICES. This was particularly evident in 2018 when, in a turning point for the group, it founded three new companies: Avanti BR, Nexon Mining, and National Farms. "We are strong competitors in all four lines of business: We are very competitive in the metallurgical segment, which is very important in energy and technology. We are a strong competitor in the mining sector, we have one of the largest reserves in the world. We are also strong competitors in the agribusiness sector. We are working to have good foreign partners in the technology segment, we want this knowledge. We are not investing in technology to make money, but to be surrounded by good professionals," he explained. Furthermore, he argued, Buritipar's biggest competitive advantage lies in its location: Brazil, a country offering vast resources, a young and hardworking population, and profitable opportunities for savvy investors: "l invite people to come to Brazil and see it with their own eyes, first of all because the world needs Brazil to sustain global food and mining supply chains. Secondly, we have shown in the last 30 years that we have stabilized our economy and people can trust our laws. Third, we have the Amazon, which is the lung of the world, it really is the future. That's why my outlook about Brazil is so positive," he concluded.     Clique para abrir AQUI VERSÃO COMPLETA em PDF.

Com beneficiamento de glauconita, Kalium está prestes a concluir planta

Kalium Mineração criou processo inovador para tratamento de glauconita, mineral encontrado em abundância no país. O projeto, que será apresentado no Workshop Opex 2020 Redução de Custos e Aumento de Produtividade na Mina e na Planta, nos dias 20 e 21 de outubro, prevê aproveitamento do mineral para a produção de feldspato, sulfato de potássio, sulfato de magnésio, óxido de ferro, óxido de alumínio, além de ácido sulfúrico.  


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